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BSC 1010C (Gutierrrez) - Study Write-Up Assignment: Home

This guide will assist students with preparing for their study writeups.

Study Write-up Assignment: Amphibians

You will need to locate, print, and summarize two study write-ups from a peer-reviewed, scientific journal.  Summary articles are not allowed.

Peer-reviewed articles are reviewed and approved by an independent panel of experts in the field.  Although you can limit your database searches to scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, you should still take a critical look at each article that is retrieved. Look for these characteristics of scientific, peer-reviewed study write-ups before you use them for this assignment:

·      Titles should sound scientific and avoid any “cute” phrasing. For example: “Modelling factors affecting population trends in an endangered amphibian” vs. “Will Amphibians Croak under the Endangered Species Act?”.

·      The articles should use the scientific name when referring to the species, not the common name. For example: Eleutherodactylus coqui vs. Common coqui.

·      The purpose of the article should be to publish the results of original research – not to summarize other researchers’ findings (as in literature reviews on a species).  Also be wary of clinical reports, case studies or brief communications as they are often too short for the purpose of this assignment.  

·      Articles should contain section headings such as methods, materials, data analyses, results, discussion, etc.

·      Charts and illustrations should be included in the article rather than glossy, color photos.

·      Sources should be cited at the end of the article.

·      The publisher of the journal should be a professional organization or a research or educational institution.

·      The study write-ups should be lengthy (around ten pages or more); skip an article if it is very short (ie. 2-3 pages).  Some case studies can be too narrow in scope and too short to use for the purposes of this assignment.

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