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ENC 1102 (Brunk): Welcome

A guide created to help students complete assignments in Professor Brunk's Comp II course at the Osceola Campus.


This guide is designed to help students with library research as they complete various assignments in Professor Brunk's Comp II class at the Osceola Campus.



Poetry Tips

Poetry Tips


  • Sometimes even books that are mostly just an anthology (collection of poems) will have brief introductions to the poem that could give insight and new perspective to the meaning of the poem.

  • Sometimes poems are reviewed from the perspective of the entire book of poetry they were published in. If you are having trouble finding a specific poem find out what book or collection it was in. Example “How Do I love Thee?” is in Sonnets From the Portuguese.

  • The e-book Poetry for Students has an analysis of many poems.

  • In poetry, as in all literature, the author’s life likely had an impact on their writing. Author’s Biographies can provide insight.

  • Try different combinations for your searches. Use Author name AND Criticism or Author name AND Biography or Author name AND title. Try it with and without quotes for the title and even with just a keyword from the title.

    • Donne AND Biography

    • Donne AND Criticism

    • Donne AND “The Flea”

    • Donne AND The Flea