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Connecting to the Library Online: If Atlas is Down

This guide tells you how to access library databases, e-books, and your library account online.

What are my Borrower ID and PIN?

Your Borrower ID is the number on the back of your Valencia ID card. Most often, this number is your VID number. (On cards issued prior to August 12, 2008, you will see a 14-digit barcode number instead.) If you do not yet have a Valencia ID, enter your VID number as the Borrower ID.

Your PIN is the last four digits of your VID number.

Connecting to the Library Using a Borrower ID and PIN

If Atlas is unavailable, you can still access the Library using your Borrower ID and PIN.

1. Go directly to LINCCWeb online (the library catalog page):

2. Select Valencia.

3. In the upper right corner, click Log In.

4. Enter your Borrower ID and PIN.