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eBooks at Valencia College Library: Disability Services

Talking Books

Did you know that some eBooks offer an audio feature?

  • Many eBooks in our collection have an audio icon at the top of the page.
  • Click it, and a computer-generated voice will read the section on the screen.


Disability Services

The Office for Students with Disabilities provides resources and services to all students with qualifying disabilities.

Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) for more information about the following assistive technology resources:

  • screen and text enlargement
  • speech-to-text software
  • text-to-speech software
  • audio and e-text books
  • real-time captioning
  • film and video captioning
  • assistive listening devices and systems

How to enlarge a webpage

This brief video will demonstrate how to enlarge a web page

  • in both Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • by using a mouse wheel and by using the onscreen text size tool

Assistive Technology

Subject Guide

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