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What Is A Database And How Do I Use It?: Searching A Database

This guide is designed for students that are unfamiliar with databases, such as many EAP students, and how they are used in research.

About This Database

The video on this page will illustrate how to search the Academic Search Complete database.  This database is a general database also known in library lingo as a "multidisciplinary database". These databases are good for searching almost any topic.

Database Providers

Academic Search Complete is part of EBSCOhost's collection of databases. They all use the same interface and will allow you to search several databases at once. Yahoo, Google, and Bing are all providers of search engines, and similarly EBSCO, Gale, and ABC-CLIO are some of the main providers for research databases.

Academic Search Complete

1. Login to Atlas
2. Click The Courses Tab
3. Click Search The Library
4. Click Databases A-Z
5. Click Academic Search Complete

Search Tips

Effective database searching often requires using more advanced techniques than keywords and phrases. The links below offer tips on how to search most of our databases.