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Ask The Matador Research Guides: Dying Gaul

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Dying Gaul

The Dying Gaul, sometimes known as the Dying Trumpeter, is an ancient  Greek statue of a dying warrior lying on the ground supporting himself with one arm.  The Romans later made a marble copy of the Greek original.


LINNCWeb online catalog – Search Terms

  • Greek Sculpture (Subject Keywords)
  • Greek Art (Subject Keywords)

Call Numbers for Browsing the Shelves

  • N5610, N5630, NB90

Circulating Books – A Selected List

  • Beard, Mary and John Henderson. Classical Art: From Greece to Rome. 2001.

                                Call Number: N5610 .B295 2001

  • Brilliant, Richard. Arts of the Ancient Greeks.

                                Call Number: N5630 .B74

  • Pollitt, J.J. Art in the Hellenistic Age. 1986.

                                Call Number: N5630 .P55 1986

  • Schoder, Raymond. Masterpieces of Greek Art. 1975.

                                Call Number: N5630 .S35 1975

  • Spivey, Nigel. Greek Art. 1997.

                              Call Number: N5630 .S65 1997

  • Spivey, Nigel. Understanding Greek Sculpture. 1997.

                             Call Number: NB90 .S66 1997

Reference Materials

  • Barral i Altet, Xavier, et. al.  Sculpture: From Antiquity to Present.

                               Call Number: REF NB60 .S3813 1996

o   Vol. 1, pgs. 96-97

  •  Brigstocke, Hugh (ed.). Oxford Companion to Western Art. - Call Number: REF N33 .O923 2001

o   Pg. 201

  • Chilvers, Ian, and Harold Osborne (eds.). Oxford Dictionary of Art. 

                              Call Number: REF N33 .O93 1988

o   Pgs. 158-159

·               Honour, Hugh. Visual Arts : A History. Call Number: REF N5300 .H68 2000

o   Pg. 183

  • Janson, H. W. History of Art. Call Number: REF N5300 .J3 2001

o   Pgs. 142-143

  • Landi, Ann. Schirmer Encyclopedia of Art. Call Number: REF N31 .L3 2002

o   Vol. 2, pgs. 129-130

  • Robertson, Martin. History of Greek Art.Call Number: REF N5630 .R63

o   Vol. 1, pgs. 531, 533

  • Turner, Jane (ed.). Dictionary of Art. Call Number: REF N31 .D5 1996

o   Vol. 13, pg. 463

o   Vol. 16, pg. 85

Research Databases

To access Valencia’s research databases, open your Atlas account, select ‘Search the Library’, then select ‘Databases A-Z’.

  • Grove Art Online

This Research Guide is designed to help users find information on a particular topic within the Valencia College East Campus Library.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of resources and other resources may be available on this topic.  Please check the LINCCWeb, VCC East’s online catalog, to verify the availability of circulating books within the library.  Feel free to ask a librarian for help if you need further assistance.

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