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Ask The Matador Research Guides: Primavera - Botticelli

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Primavera - Botticelli

Primavera, or La Primavera, is also called Allegory of Spring.  This famous painting was painted by Sandro Botticelli, a Florentine Renaissance artist, in the late 1400’s.  This work is currently on display in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, and shows Venus in the center with Cupid above.  The Three Graces and Mercury appear to the left of Venus, and Zephyr chases Flora on the right. 


LINCCWeb online catalog – Search Terms

  • Botticelli (Subject)
  • Primavera (Subject)

Call Numbers for Browsing the Shelves

  • ND615-ND623 .B7 
  • NX552 .A1

Circulating Books  and Videos – A Selected List

  • Botticelli: The Humanist Trilogy. 1999. (VHS Video)

                        Call Number: ND623 .B7  B68 1999

  • Beck, James. Italian Renaissance Painting. 1999.

                       Call Number: ND615 .B35 1999

  • Cheney, Liana. Botticelli’s Neoplatonic Images. 1993.

                           Call Number: ND623 .B7 C46 1993

  • Comerlati, Doriana (Ed.). Botticelli: From Lorenzo the Magnificent to Savonarola.

                           Call Number: ND623 .B7  B68 2003

  • Dempsey, Charles. The Portrayal of Love: Botticelli’s Primavera. 1992.

                           Call Number: NX552 .A1 D46 1992

  • Stephan, Karin (Ed.).  Botticelli. 1991.

                             Call Number: ND623 .B7 S3 1991

  • Zeri, Federico (Ed.). Botticelli: The Allegory of Spring. 2000.

                            Call Number: ND623 .B7 A62 2000

Reference Materials

  • Adams,  Laurie. Italian Renaissance Art. Call Number: REF N6915 .A323 2001

o   Pgs. 231-233

  • Andres, Glenn.  Art of Florence. Call Number: REF N6921 .F7 A387 1994

o   Vol.2, pgs. 870-883

  • Davies, Penelope. Janson’s History of Art (7th Ed.). - Call Number: REF N5300 .J3 2007 

o   Pgs. 538-539

  • Lightbown, R. Sandro Botticelli: Life and Work.  Call Number: REF ND623 .B7 L53 1989

o   Pgs. 120-165

  • Zollner, Frank. Botticelli: Images of Love.Call Number: REF ND623 .B7 Z6513 1998

o   Pgs. 32-67

Research Databases

To access Valencia’s research databases, open your Atlas account, select ‘Search the Library’, then select ‘Databases A-Z’.

  • Academic Search Complete
  • Oxford Art Online
  • OmniFile Full Text Mega

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