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Ask The Matador Research Guides: Cult of Cybele

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Cult of Cybele 

The Cult of Cybele worshipped Cybele or the Great Mother of the Gods, the Magna Mater.  The rise of her worship came from what is now central Turkey, Asia Minor.  By the end of the Roman Republic, the Cult of Cybele had become one of the most important cults in the Roman world.


Call Numbers for Browsing the Shelves


  • BL 610, 802, 805


Circulating Books – A Selected List

  • Angus, Samuel. The Mystery Religions. 1975.

                        Call Number: BL610 .A6 1975

  • Armstrong, A. H. (ed.). Classical Mediterranean Spirituality. 1986.

                       Call Number: BL687 .C55 1986

  • Beard, Mary. Religions of Rome. 1988.

                     Call Number: BL802 .B42  Vol. 1

  • Burkert, Walter. Ancient Mystery Cults. 1987.

                   Call Number: BL610 .B87 1987

  • Dumezil, Georges. Archaic Roman Religion. 1996.

                     Call Number: BL802 .D813 1996  Vol. 2               

  • Godwin, Joscelyn. Mystery Religions in the Ancient World. 1981.

                     Call Number: BL610 .G63 1981

  • Lane Fox, Robin. Pagans and Christians. 1987.

                    Call Number: BR128 .R7 L36 1987

  • Turcan, Robert. The Cults of the Roman Empire. 1996.

                    Call Number: BL805 .T8713 1996 (Also in REF)


LINCCWeb online catalog – Search Terms

  • Cybele (Keywords Anywhere)
  • Mystery Religions  (Keywords Anywhere)
  • Roman Religion (Keywords Anywhere)


Reference Materials

  • Dictionary of Roman Religion – Call Number: REF BL798 .A35 1996

o   Pg. 22-23

  • Encyclopedia of ReligionCall Number: REF BL31 .E46 2005

o   Vol. 3, pg. 2108-2111

  • Encyclopedia of World Religions –Call Number: REF BL31 .M47

o   Pg. 387

  • Man, Myth, and MagicCall Number: REF BF1407 .M34 1997

o   Vol. 4,  pg. 523

  • Myths and LegendsCall Number: REF GR74 .M97

o   Pg. 58-59



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