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Ask The Matador Research Guides: Zoroastrianism

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Zoroaster is the Greek word for Zarathustra who was an Iranian religious leader and prophet.  He founded an ancient Parsee religion known as Zoroastrianism in which the powers of good and evil fight to a conclusion.  It is a montheistic religion which has current followers and is one of the oldest living religions.

Call Numbers for Browsing the Shelves

  • BL 610, 805, 1525, 1570


LINCCWeb Online Catalog – Search Terms

  • Zoroaster
  • Zoroastrianism
  • Mystery religions

Circulating Books – A Selected List

  • Boyce, Mary.  The Zoroastrians, Their Beliefs and Practices.  1979.

                Call Number:  BL1525 .B695

  • Burkert, Walter.  Ancient Mystery Cults. 1987.

                 Call Number:  BL610 .B87 1987

  • Cooper, D. Jason.   Mithras: Mysteries and Initiation Rediscovered.  1996.

                  Call Number:  BL1585 .C66 1996

  • Jones, Prudence.  A History of Pagan Europe.  1999.

                   Call Number:  BL689 .J66 1999

  • Momigliano, Arnaldo.  On Pagans, Jews, and Christians.  1987.

                   Call Number:  BL810 .M66 1987

  • Rose, H.J.  Religion in Greece and Rome.  1959.

                   Call Number:  BL722 .R66

  • Turcan, Robert.  The Cults of the Roman Empire.  1996.

                   Call Number:  BL805 .T8713 1996  (Also in REF)

  • Ulansey, David.  The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries.  1989.

                  Call Number:  BL1585 .U43 1989

  • World's Religions: Understanding the Living Faiths.  1993.

                  Call Number:  BL80.2 .W69 1993

  • Zaehner, R.C.  Teachings of the Magi: a Compendium of Zoroastrian Beliefs.  1976.

                   Call Number:  BL1570 .Z3 1976

Reference Books

  • Bowker, John.  Oxford Dictionary of World Religions.  1997. 

                      Call Number:  REF BL31 .O84 1997, 1069-72.

  • Collinson, Diane. Thirty-five Oriental Philosophers.  1994.

                     Call Number:  REF B5005 .C65 1998, 4-8.

  • Cotterell, Arthur.  From Artistotle to Zoroaster.  1998.

                      Call Number:  REF CB311 .C83 1998, 447-49.

  • Encyclopedia of Religion.

                        Call NumberREF BL31 .E46 v.15, 579-91.

  • Man, Myth and Magic.  1997.  (Also in Circulating Books)

                         Call Number:  REF BF1407 .M34 1997  v.20, 2870-75.

  • Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of World Religions.  1999.

                         Call Number:  REF BL31 .M47, 1164-66.

  • Myths and Legends.  2000. 

                          Call Number:  REF GR74 .M97 2000, 228-29.

  • Stein, Gordon.  Encyclopedia of Unbelief.  1985.

                          Call Number:  REF BL2705 .E53 1985 v.1, 144-45.

     Research Databases

     To access Valencia’s research databases, open your Atlas account, select ‘Search the Library’, then select

     ‘Databases A-Z’.

  • Academic Search Complete
  • Ancient World History

This Research Guide is designed to help users find information on a particular topic within the Valencia College East Campus Library.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of resources and other resources may be available on this topic.  Please check LINCCWeb, Valencia East’s online catalog, to verify the availability of circulating books within the library.  Feel free to ask a librarian for help if you need further assistance.   

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