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PSY 2930 (Ciesko) - Psychology Of Peace: Google Scholar

A research guide for students' Professor Ciesko's Psychology of Peace course.

Articles Are Free!!!

Valencia provides access to literarlly hundreds of thousands of articles. You should never have to pay a third party for research articles.

You pay no additional cost to view these articles.

If there is a very specific article that you need and we do not access to it, check with a librarian to see if they can locate a copy or similar article!

Suggestions for Using Google Scholar

Here are some important things to know about Google Scholar:

1. Google Scholar often links you to a summary or a preview of an article. Learn to identify when you are looking at an article "snippet" rather than a full article -- it's not always obvious.

2. If the full text of the article isn't shown, the web site may require you to pay for access. See column to the left. :-)

3. Google Scholar is much, much more effective if you use the Advanced Search feature.

4. You can link Google Scholar to Valencia's library so that when you search, you will get links to Valencia's library if we have the article that's listed.

Connecting Scholar with Valencia

To set up Google Scholar links to Valencia's libraries, go to Scholar Preferences

Under Library Links, search for Valencia College.  Check all of the Valencia boxes.

Save your preferences.

Click here to view a quick video on this.

Google Scholar Search

Subject Guide

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