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GEB 1101 (Chesler) - Business Plans: Print Sources

This guide will help students conduct research for Professor Chesler's classes at the Osceola Campus

Finding Books

There are two ways to search for books at the Valencia College Libraries:

1) Log into your Atlas account by clicking the icon below, and click the "Search the Library" link in the upper left side of the "My Atlas" tab

2) Visit the library catalog without logging in by clicking the box below

There are benefits to accessing the catalog through Atlas. You will be able to hold or request books online, so they are available when you visit a campus library. However, the link below will grant you access to the catalog in the event of an Atlas outage.

Helpful Books

The following eBooks are available online to all Valencia students, and are relevant to your assignment:

Please note that you can search your campus library for print books detailing business plans. Do an online book search (directions to the left), or consult a campus librarian for help locating any circulating books on your topic that can be checked out.

Helpful Books

Osceola Campus Librarian