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SPC 1608 (Pierre): Print Sources

This guide is designed to assist students in Professor Pierre's SPC 1608 class at Osceola campus.

Finding Books

There are two ways to search for books and other materials at Valencia College Libraries:

1. Log into your Atlas account and click the "Search the Library" link on the left side of the screen or in the “My Atlas” tab or in the upper right corner of the "Courses" tab. When the Library Catalog page opens, you will already be logged in.


2. Start at any Valencia Web Page and select Libraries on Quick Links.If you need to place a hold, request a book online, or use any of our electronic resources you will need to login. Click on the big yellow Search button. The Login button is near the top right corner of the screen. To login you will need to enter your Valencia Identification number (your "V" number) including the "V" in the box for Borrower's ID. Your PIN will be the last 4 digits of your "V" number.

Choose the Library Catalog tab, Clicking Advanced Search is the best way to do a search so you can limit your search to items we have at Osceola or limit by item type. The example shows searching for a Book at Osceola Campus  about Modern Slavery.

Finding eBooks

Don't forget you can search for electronic books or eBooks in the library catalog. Click on the eBook tab then input a search term.

Search Terms

When searching the library catalog for books relating to your  topic, try the following searches:

Endangered Species

Endangered Animals

Alternative Medicine

Solar Energy

Renewable Energy Sources

For more specific results try a more specific search using two of the search boxes such as:

Sports AND Steroids

Sports AND Racism

Sports  AND Safety

Sports AND Injur*

Sports AND Violence

Food​ AND Genetic Engineering 

Food​ AND Speech (with Call #/ Partial Call # selected as shown below) 

Finding Books in the Speech Collection

The Osceola Library has a special collection of books on controversial issues that can help you with your speech. You can either go to the "Speech" collection in the low book shelves near the New Book Section or you can use the book catalog (See Finding Books above) to browse or search for your topic.

To see the books that are in the Speech section, you can do an advanced search in the book catalog. In the first Search Box enter your topic. In the next Search Box, change the "Anywhere" to "Call #" as seen below, and type the word "SPEECH". Then, make sure your "Format" is set to books, and "Location" is set to Osceola. Clicking search will show you only those books in the Speech section.


Browsing Guide

If you prefer to visit the Osceola Library and browse the shelves for books you can look under the following call numbers in both the reference and circulating collections.

 A : General Works

B : Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

C : Auxiliary Sciences of History (General)

D : World history and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

E: American and the United States History (General)

F: United States (local) and America Outside of U.S. History

G : Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H : Social Sciences

J: Political Science

K : Law

L : Education

M : Music

N : Fine Arts

P : Language and Literature

Q: Science (General) 

R : Medicine

S : Agriculture

T : Technology

U : Military Science

V : Naval Science

Z : Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources

Osceola Campus Librarian

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