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Criminal Justice (Johnson): Websites

A research guide created for students in Professor Johnson's criminal justice courses at the Osceola Campus.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria (ABCs) for Choosing an Appropriate Website

  • Authority (author, editor, and publisher)
    • Is the author an expert in the field?
    • What work or educational experiences does the author have?
    • With which institution, organization or company is the author affiliated?
    • What other information can you find out about the author?
    • Where is the document published? Check the URL domain.
      • Ex: .gov, .edu, .org, .com
  • Bias
    • What is the purpose of the website?
      • Inform, entertain, persuade or sell a product
      • Is information presented objectively or does it have a bias?
        • If it has a bias (a specific political or philosophical view), does that lessen its usefulness to you?
  • Currency
    • When was the website published?
    • When was the website last updated?
      • How many dead links are on the page?
    • Is the information new or is it outdated?
    • Does your topic value older material as well as current?
  • Content
    • Does the author use citations, references, or a bibliography to verify their information?
    • Has the information been reviewed?
    • Is the information free of spelling and grammatical errors?
    • Is there a way to contact the author (email, address or phone number)?
  • Coverage
    • Based on your topic, is the material too basic, technical, or clinical?
    • Does the website cover what you expected? Does it relate to the topic?
    • Are all important pieces of the subject covered or have significant pieces been left out?
    • What audience is the website directed towards?
      • General, scholarly, or professional

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