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ENC 1101 (Evans) - Argumentative Essay: In Depth Research

This is a research guide for students in Professor Evans' English Composition I class on West Campus. It contains resources and suggestions to complete your assignment.

Researching Proposed Solutions

The library provides access to a variety of resources: scholarly research, news, books, videos, and more.

Consider the following question:

  • What are the pros and cons of each proposed solution?

Scholarly Research

Scholarly journal articles provide access to expert research studies about a topic.

Library Catalog

Easily search books, e-books, or streaming videos.


News sources such as radio boardcasts, television reports and newspaper articles provide information on current events.

Primary Sources: Laws and Statutes

You can review the resources below to gain background or official legislative information on an existing or proposed law and/or statute.

Proposing A Solution

After you have determined your possible solution you may need additional information. Please keep in mind you can revisit the resources above. Consider the questions below to add depth to your argument.

  • What are the implications of the solution on various groups?
  • Have you made any assumptions? Are these assumptions accurate?
  • What information can you provide to strengthen your point?