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Fake News: Separating Truth From Fiction: 10. Activities

Is This True?

Instructions:  Read the following two articles and watch the other two videos.  Identify if their claims are true or false using Google and applying critical evaluation of the sources. Try to locate other sources that support these claims or refute them. Evaluate if they are credible. You should avoid using misleading or extremely biased sources to verify your answer. The links below will help you to determine some sources that are biased, misleading or neutral.

AllSides Bias Ratings

A Resource Guide For Liberal, Conservative and Non-Partisan Periodicals

Trust and Distrust of News Sources By Ideological Group

Also use the following fact-checking resources for help.

Article 1

Global Temperatures Plunge, Icy Silence From Climate Alarmists

Video 1

Article 2

Video 2