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ENC 1101 (Carruth): Fairy Tales: Home

The Research Process

This guide will assist you in researching fairy tales.

2. Find Names of Alternate Versions

Select a fairy tale, and then find out whether there are cross-cultural equivalents.

Make a note of the culture and the name of the alternate version.

The following books are helpful in identifying versions from other cultures.

Wikipedia is another option for finding out which other cultures have a version of your selected fairy tale.

3. Finding Fairy Tales

Find the alternate version of your fairy tale in a book or ebook

by looking it up in the library catalog:

Note that the book title will probably not have the name of your fairy tale.  It will probably be a collection of fairy tales.

You will need to look at the book's record to see if your fairy tale is listed in the book.

For example, the Norwegian version of "Beauty and the Beast" is called "East of the Sun and West of the Moon"

Searching this in the catalog, you will find that this fairy tale is in The Blue Fairy Book, which is an ebook.

Many fairy tales are also freely available on the Internet, but be cautious about which site you select. The following site is searchable and recommended:


4. Researching Fairy Tales

Books and ebooks from the library catalog are good resources for this phase of the project, too.

This ebook may be helpful for some fairy tales:



And here are some recommended databases:

If these databases do not help, there are many others listed here:

MLA Citation

MLA Citation Guides

Use these color-coded guides to help you develop correct MLA style citations.

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