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ENC 1101 (Carruth) - Time Management: Time Management Resources

Logging In

Some of the resources on this page require logging in.

Login to Atlas

Go to the Courses tab.

Click on Search the Library.


Use your VID number as your Borrower ID (include the V).

(If you have a pre-2008 ID, use the 14 digit number on the back of your Valencia ID instead.)

Use the last 4 digits of your VID number as the PIN.

Citation Guides

These color-coded guides and videos will assist you in building or checking your citations.

Preliminary Research/Developing Key Words

When starting research it is often helpful to begin with a source that gives you an overview of a topic. This allows you to:

  • develop your knowledge of a topic
  • brainstorm keywords that will help you search for more information

Web Sites

When searching on the web the more specific you can be, the more targeted your results. For example, try the following two searches:

  • time management
  • time management colleges

Scholarly Journals and Magazines

Academic Search Complete contains both scholarly journals and magazines. They are labeled in the database: scholarly journals say academic journal. Magazines say periodical.

Books and ebooks

Books and ebooks give you an in-depth treatment of a topic. For books, select West in location and change the format to books. For ebooks, change format to ebooks.


Most Internet users are familiar with YouTube; Films on Demand also provides videos, but these are all educational videos, and most of them are not freely available on the web.

West Campus Librarians

Visit the West Campus Librarians on the 2nd floor of building 6.

Call us at 407-582-1432.