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ENC 1102 (Colwell) : Psychology Topics Assignment

This guide contains resources for assignments in Prof. Colwell's ENC 1102 class.

Preliminary Research

Look for general sources that provide an overview of your topic. You've already begun this step by exploring TedTalks and books related to your topic. At this point, you should have a general understanding of the topic. You are ready to begin to develop a list of keywords. Make a list of the following:

  • Who: people and groups associated with your topic
  • What: ideas and concepts associated with your topic
  • Where / When: places and events associated with your topic
  • Why / How: contributing factors, variables, causes & effects of your topic
  • Synonyms for your topic

In-Depth Research

Use a variety of library databases, expert websites, books, films and other sources to investigate the topic further.

  • Find specific studies
  • Research specific examples of how the concept has been applied
  • Learn more about related ideas