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Swank Digital Campus: What is Swank?

Introduction to Swank

Swank Digital Campus allows faculty to legally stream feature films in BlackBoard.

Note that Digital Campus does not provide public performance rights; the streaming is only for students enrolled in your classes.

How Does It Work?

A link to the film is embedded in BlackBoard.

The film may then be viewed in class or assigned to students for viewing.

A viewer must have Microsoft Silverlight (free download) installed to view the film.

Currently films will not play on mobile devices.

What Titles are Available Through Swank?

Lots of them! Browse or search at Swank.

Searching by title tends to be most effective for identifying a particular film.

Advanced search allows searching by genre.

You can also browse Swank's categories under curriculum enhancement.

How to Request a Film

First, check the Licensed in Swank tab to see whether access has already been purchased.

If already licensed, request the embed code from your campus librarian.

If not licensed, check Swank's holdings to see if your film is available through Swank.

If Swank has the film, talk to your librarian about purchasing access.

Once purchased, activation may take up to ten business days.

Librarians, East

Diane Dalrymple

Erich Heintzelman

Courtney Moore

Chris Wettstein

Librarians, Osceola/Lake Nona

Karene Best

Sarah Dockray

Jenna Settles

Librarians, West

Nardia Cumberbatch

Suzanne Johnson

Beth King

Regina Seguin

Librarian, Winter Park

Ben Mittag