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West Campus Library Equipment Check Out: Checkout Desk / Tech Petting Zoo

What is the Tech Petting Zoo?

The Tech Petting Zoo is located on the first floor of the Library. It contains equipment that can be borrowed from the Checkout Desk. Some equipment may be also be on display in the library; displays change regularly. The goals of the Tech Petting Zoo are to allow students to learn about new technologies, hands-on, in a low-stakes environment, to showcase technologies being used and developed at Valencia, and to facilitate discussion about technology across the curriculum.

How to Check Out Equipment

To check out laptops and/or tablets from the first floor checkout desk of the West Campus Library, you must read and agree to the checkout agreement form linked below.

Late Fees

4-hour equipment $5.00 each hour
7-day equipment $20.00 each day
Library Use Only materials $1.20 each hour

Available Equipment

Devices Quantity Loan Period
Headphones 13 To end of business day
Headphones with mic 4 To end of business day
7-day iPads 14 7 days
--- -- 7 days
4-hour iPads 7 4 hours
7-day Dell laptops 14 7 days
7-day Dell laptops (UCF) 11 7 days
4-hour Dell laptops 5 4 hours
Surface Pro 3 3 4 hours
Makey Makey (circuitry kit) 2 2 hours
Sphero (robot) 2 7 days
Mindwave Headset (EEG) 1 2 hours
Cubelets (modular robotics kit) 1 set of 6 7 days
Quadcopter with camera (drone) 1 TBA
Google Cardboard (virtual reality headset) 2 7 days

Samsung Gear (virtual reality headset)  

Selfie Stick  W/Remote

Portable Power Pack

Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera





7 days

7 days

7 days

7 days

Artlii Mini Projector 1 7 days
Touchjet Pond Touchscreen Projector 1 7 days

photograph of students using laptops and tablets

West Campus Librarians

Visit the West Campus Librarians on the 2nd floor of building 6.

Call us at 407-582-1432.