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Valencia West Campus Care and Concern: Home

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Student Care & Concern Team

Student Care & Concern Team

Counselors serve as the first point of contact for active or enrolled students who are exhibiting signs of distress; are experiencing issues that are affecting their success at Valencia; or otherwise need help and are unsure of where to go.

By assisting students in accessing resources and services to remove barriers to success, the counselors aid in Valencia’s retention efforts. campusCARE counselor duties include case assignment, recording meeting minutes, maintaining records and communicating with students, faculty, staff, off-campus entities (and family members) to aid in student success.

Potential student issues include but are not limited to:

  • Psychological, emotional, or physical health
  • Academic challenges
  • Homelessness and/or food insecurity
  • Economic challenges
  • Death or illness of a family member, guardian, or caretaker
  • Social Adjustments

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