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About Dr. West

Portrait of Dr. Cornel West                                                                                                                                 

Dr. Cornel West

"Best known for his cultural critiques, youth advocacy, and academic works, West has had a prolific career as a public intellectual, lecturer, writer, recording artist, and actor. In his writings, he dissects race and religion, democracy, and the need to empower youths through education."

In this LibGuide you'll find a selection of his work available in the Valencia College online library.

For more information about Dr. West and his work, visit his website.


Jenkins, D. J. (2020). Cornel West. Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia.
Photo Attribution: Gage Skidmore



Here are a few of Dr. West's books available in the online library.


Dr. West has written forewords and introductions for renowned authors and acted as editor award-winning titles.

A Valencia Community Conversation with Dr. Cornel West - February 22, 2021

This is a recording of Dr. West's discussion at Valencia College on February 22, 2021, facilitated by student leaders Anjanette Barinas and Andre St. Louis.


Dr. West has appeared in numerous documentaries and major news outlets. Here are a selection of his appearances on PBS.

Reconstruction: America After The Civil War, PBS
In the fourth episode of PBS American Portrait, go inside the lives of people working to create an antiracist American future. They film themselves doing the hard work, confronting the obstacles and achieving the small victories that could add up to real change in the movement for racial justice.

PBS American Portrait - "I Rise"
Reconstruction: America After The Civil War explores the transformative years following the American Civil War, when the nation struggled to rebuild itself in the face of profound loss, massive destruction, and revolutionary social change.

Films on Demand

The following videos featuring Dr. Cornel West are available for free through our Films on Demand database:


The following articles are by Dr. Cornel West. Visit the Valencia College Online Library for additional writings.

Selby, T & West, C. (2017). Fear and courageTransition123, 104–117.

West, C. (1991). Decentering Europe: A memorial lecture for James Snead, introduced by Colin MacCabeCritical Quarterly33, 1–19.

West, C, & Brown, B. (1993). Beyond eurocentrism and multiculturalismModern Philology90, S142–S166.

West, C. (2000). A grand tradition of struggle. The English Journal89(6), 39–44.

West, C (2017). The Trump era: Hope in a time of escalating despair. Transition122, 22–41. 

West, C., & George, R. P. (2019). Christians in the public squareAmerica220(6), 30–33.

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