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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Valencia College: Home

Leading Edge Libraries Conference 2019, Why Inclusion and Diversity Matter: How the Library Can Contribute to the Culture of the Institution


Why Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Matter


Diversity - relates to identities such as the HR protected classes; race, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation.

Inclusion - people with different identities feel welcome and valued.

Equity - all have access to the same opportunities to grow, contribute and develop.  Recognize unequal starting places, advantages, barriers.  


Be able to articulate why it is important.  For some, the moral imperative may not be enough.  Be able to show data that supports institutional success in creativity, teamwork, a productive workforce, a place where all voices are heard, have value, and are respected.  

What Can the Library Do?

The library as a central service may be in a unique position to advance inclusion and diversity throughout the organization. Libraries:

  • Create and foster a culture of diversity by removing barriers to learning and offering an open and welcoming space
  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce in the library
  • Fostering international and intercultural competencies
  • Offering professional development to all staff to increase cultural competency, promote equity, and foster inclusion
  • As a leader, value inclusion and diversity and do inner work on privilege, implicit bias, etc.
  • Publicize diversity collections, programming, and services
  • Grow partnerships with the community inside and outside of your organization 
  • Contribute to EID events, programs, etc. 
  • Help students find their voice
  • Create teams where possible with different perspectives and life skills
  • Assess your efforts to measure success and have data to offer the decision makers


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Ruth Smith
Library Director, Valencia College
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