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SPC 1608 (Ashton) - Persuasive Speech (Global): Home

This libguide has been specifically created to provide resources for Prof. Ashton's global impact persuasive speech.


Suzette DohanyWelcome to SPC 1608! Although this is a Public Speaking course; you will notice that there is a reoccuring theme for your Informative and Persuasive speeches. This theme is “Global Citizenship”.  This LibGuide was created to help you learn more about this theme and to assit you in doing reasearch on your speeches.  With the interconnected and interdependent nature of our world, the global is not ‘out there’; it is part of our everyday lives, as we are linked to others on every continent. This link happens socially and culturally through the media and telecommunications, and through travel and migration. We are linked economically through trade, environmentally through sharing one planet and politically through international relations and systems of regulation.

The opportunities our fast-changing ‘globalized’ world offers us are enormous. But so too are the challenges. Trying to make sense of a world marked by division, conflict, environmental change, and extreme inequality and poverty can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. It is my goal to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and values you will need in order to communicate effectively in a globalized world.

By definition, Global Citizenship involves engaging with distant places and different cultures, but this is never undertaken in isolation from our own lives and communities. The focus is rather on exploring what links us to other people, places and cultures, the (e)quality of those relationships, and how we can learn from, as well as about, those people, places, and cultures. All this might result in a very localized expression of Global Citizenship, such as the challenging of a racist remark in the school dinner queue.

It would be great if we could all travel together to another country so that we could experience these lessons first hand; but for right now we will have to settle for the internet!


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