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ENC 1101 (Blewitt): Controversial Topic Essay

This is a guide for students in Professor Blewitt's ENC 1101 class.

Forbidden Topics

  • Lowering the legal drinking age

  • Legalization of marijuana (or generally anything to do with marijuana!)

  • Restrictions on elderly driving

  • Abortion

  • Violence in or related to video games/movies/rap or heavy metal lyrics (any argument related to this is forbidden)

What Are Databases and Why You Need Them

Recommended Databases

Controversial Issue Databases -- these databases specialize in covering controversial topics


  • to browse for a topic
  • to narrow your topic from general to specific, e.g. from gun control to waiting periods for gun purchase
  • find opposing arguments (hint: look at the Viewpoints essays in Opposing Viewpoints)

Additional Databases