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Stay Informed: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) : Make the most of Social Distancing

This guide will provide up to date information, current resources, and fact checking tips for the current COVID-19/Coronavirus.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing or quarantining during the COVID-19 is recommended, but it doesn't have to be boring or sad. If you are feeling a little down you can stay connected, stay entertained, and stay educated. Face time your friends, watch a show, listen to a podcast. You can also stay active! There are plenty of activities you can do from home. You can throw on a yoga video from YouTube or throw a dance party!  This page will give you some ideas of what to do if you find yourself going a bit stir-crazy. 

Stay Active

Here are some ways to stay active during a time that may feel a bit... lazy. Take some time for stretch your body, dance it out, or work in!

Keeping up with the kids

If the little ones are stuck home for Spring Break or School gets moved online, here are some resources to keep them busy and keep you sane!

Live Streams

Here are some services now being offered digitally as live streams! If you don't see something you would be interested, we suggest searching for it on the company or groups websites or social media pages. A lot of different communities are coming together (digitally) during this time to make social distancing more entertaining! If you know of a service you think would be good to include in this list, please contact us!

Stay Entertained

There are many different ways to beat boredom. If you have Netflix or Hulu, that is great, but if you don't you have other options! Get crafty or check out some library resources!

Quiet Time

Sometimes it is nice to take a break from social media and have a little quiet time for yourself. Here are some ideas for calming your mind and taking some "me-time."

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