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NSE Career Research - East Campus: 2. Databases

This guide provides an overview of library and web resources for NSE students.

What's a Database?

I like to think of the library's subscription databases as mostly print, professional sources from magazines, newspapers, academic journals and books that have been scanned online to make it easier for us to access them.

The content in these resources tend to be more credible because it has gone through a formal review and editing process. With that said, it's always a good practice to double check any information you find.

Along with the print sources, our databases also contain videos and specialized content created specifically for the online environment. 

Bonus Database

Testing and Education Reference Center 

I wanted to give a quick shout out to this database that contains practice tests for professional licenses as well as many standardized tests such as the SAT and CLEP. The Testing and Education Reference Center also offers guidance on job seeking skills, resume help, and career exploration. 

2. Databases

***Quick note before beginning this section. Open up another tab and log in to Atlas. This will allow you to search the database when you click on one of the hyperlinked titles. 


The library has over 140 subscription databases for your researching pleasure. For the purposes of this assignment, I will recommend three:

These are by no means the only databases that may have information on your career. Start with these three and if you don't find what you are looking for you can check other databases for topic. 

In order to access the databases: 

  1. Log on to Atlas
  2. Find the Libraries box and click Search the Library
  3. Click Databases A to Z (choose the appropriate database from the alphabetical listing) 


Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center is the go-to database for career research. It has profession and industry profiles with a clean layout that offers quick access to information on salary, education level, personality traits, work environment, and much more. Additionally, it has career videos that feature professionals in the field that give you a glimpse into their daily work lives. Watch the video below for help on accessing Ferguson's Career Guidance Center. 




Ebook Central

As the name might suggest, Ebook Central is an ebook database with over 200,000 titles. That's more than all of East Campus Library's entire print collection! It's a nice alternative if you are unable to make it to the library to check out a physical book. You can choose to read the Ebook Central books online or download them to your mobile device. Additionally, there are options to email, print, or copy portions of the book for your research needs.



America's News (Newsbank)

This is a newspaper database. As you are researching your career, use this database to look up current events, trends, and topical issues that affect people in your industry. Also, hopefully, as you prepare for internship or job interviews you can use this database to learn about what type of headlines your potential employers or associations are making.

I'm sure you've heard the word "purpose" many times throughout the semester. These articles from leading newspapers across the globe highlight issues and special interest stories that may ignite your passion and help you determine how your life and profession can serve to make the world a better place. 


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