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Distance Tutoring: EAP


EAP Tutoring - Click here to join a live EAP tutoring session with Valencia tutors.  Once you have joined, you will be greeted by a moderator to get connected with a tutor for your course.

Tutorat EAP - Cliquez ici pour rejoindre une session de tutorat EAP en direct avec des tuteurs de Valence. Une fois que vous vous êtes inscrit, vous serez accueilli par un modérateur pour vous connecter avec un tuteur pour votre cours.

Tutoría EAP - Haga clic aquí para unirse a una sesión de tutoría EAP en vivo con tutores de Valencia. Una vez que se haya unido, será recibido por un moderador para conectarse con un tutor para su curso.

Click here to review our Student Guidelines and Expectations before meeting with a tutor.
  • The goal of Learning Support is to help every student become an independent learner.  By following the guidelines below, students will cultivate independent problem-solving skills and help maintain a positive learning community.
  • I (the student) understand when I attend an online tutoring session, I will engage in the session by asking questions to help me better understand the topic being discussed by listening to the tutor and observing the virtual white board and chat. 
  • I will show respect to all students, staff, and faculty in the online tutoring space.  I will wait my turn for help and not interrupt the tutor while they are helping another student.  I understand that the online tutoring sessions are open to all students, and I may not be the only student participating. 
  • I will come prepared with my notes, textbook, and any other class materials from my professor.  This will guide the tutor in providing the most appropriate assistance.
  • I will come with specific questions or concepts that I need help with. 
  • I will show that I have attempted the work on my own before asking for help.  The tutor may suggest that I work on sample problems and return later for additional help and to check my understanding of the concept.
  • I will be engaged and active in my discussions with the tutor.  I may be asked to complete additional readings or problems to supplement my learning.
  • The tutor will not do my work for me.  Attending tutoring does not guarantee a passing grade.  However, participating in academic support like tutoring or group study sessions helps students develop a deeper understanding of course content.
  • I will not plagiarize.  This includes but is not limited to presenting someone else's work or ideas as my own, cheating, furnishing false information, alteration or misuse of documents, and misuse of identification with intent to defraud or deceive (see Student Code of Conduct policy 6Hx28:10-16).
  • I will abide by Valencia College's Student Code of Conduct.


EAP Lab Registration Support

Click here to learn more about our Lab Registration Support.


EAP Speech Conversation Hours & Workshops

Click here to learn more about our Conversation Hours & Workshops.
  • Join a speech conversation hour or workshop to improve your speech and pronunciation skills.
  • Click here to access the EAP calendar
  • Click here to join and ask for the Speech Conversation Hours & Workshops


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