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ENC 1101 (Nokaly): MLA Works Cited Page

Works Cited

A Works Cited page is the very last page of your paper.

Do not start it on a page with text; use a page break to start a new page.

It should contain an entry for each source that you used.

Sources are displayed in alphabetical order and use a hanging indent to indent any line after the first.

Scroll to the end of one of the sample papers to see how the page should look.

Creating Entries

Most databases will give you an automatically generated citation. These are created by software, and although the software is getting smarter all the time, it's usually not 100% correct. Check these citations against

  • the Valencia library examples
  • the Purdue OWL examples
  • a reputable handbook, such as the MLA Handbook or Little Seagull Handbook

Particularly check spacing and punctuation.