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IDH 2911 (Sexton) : Interdisciplinary Honors Research: Databases

How to Access Databases

There are two ways to access the databases at Valencia College Libraries:

1) Log into your Atlas account and click the "Search the Library" link on the left side of the screen or  from the "Courses" tab., after logging into Atlas.  Once in Atlas, the "Libraries" information box will be on the right side of that page. When the Library Catalog page opens, you will already be logged in.

2) Start at any Valencia Web Page and select Libraries on Quick Links. Click on the big yellow Search button. You will need to login now. The Login button is at the top right corner of the screen. To do that you will need to enter your VID Valencia Identification number (your "V" number) including the "V" in the box for Borrower ID. Your PIN will be the last 4 digits of your "V" number.

Once the Library Catalog opens and you are logged in, you can choose the database you want either from the “Databases A-Z” tab or from the “Databases by Subject” tab. Both tabs are located at the top above the catalog. When you find the database you would like to use, click on it to access it.

*** NOTE *** Sometimes you may be prompted to use your Borrower ID and PIN to access an article that has been emailed or posted. Use your VID Valencia Identification number (with the V) as the Borrower ID. Your PIN is the last four digits of your VID number

How to Choose a Database by Subject

Which of the 200+ database links should you click on? The long list can be quite overwhelming.

From the Valencia College Library page, use the Databases by Subject link to sort the database links into subject categories, such as "Arts and Humanities" or "Business" or "Social Sciences."  Think about the topic you are researching. Does it fit into one or more of those categories? Example: The topic "Psychology of Online Dating" could fit into several categories: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, or General.

Expand the categories to see a list of databases for that subject by clicking on the "+" sign.  For more information about a database, click on the blue "i" icon.

Inside a Database

These files represent an example of the contents of one library database, Academic Search Complete. Different databases may look and function differently, but this will give you a visual idea of what a database is.

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