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Undergraduate Research Showcase

Undergraduate research is the exploration of a specific topic within a field by an undergraduate student that makes an original contribution to the discipline.

Flywheels as a Viable Form of Energy Storage for Our Future


Hello all, my name is Morgan Frost, and I am currently a Valencia College Honors student conducting research as part of the IDH 2912 Research Project course. Currently, I am looking at transferring to UCF after completing my A.A. and majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and a big reason I am interested in doing research is because this will be important for my career since engineers commonly employ and conduct research in their occupations.


ABSTRACT:  Recently, an increased focus and interest in Renewable Energy Supplies (RES) has been seen. However, research and innovations have not met the current demand and need. A significant issue being faced is that of fluctuations in RES generation, requiring generation from conventional sources. A way to mitigate this is by storing excess energy in a device and re-distributing it when needed. These devices are called Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and they can help reduce or remove the need for additional energy production. Among current ESS technology, one of the most promising is that of Flywheel Energy Storage Systems (FESS). In this presentation, a description of current ESS technologies is given, along with a few current applications. Then, technical specifications and applications are used to compare FESS to other ESS. FESS was found to have qualities that make them suitable for applications in transportation and electrical grid usages, such as robustness, rapid response, environmentally friendly construction, and sizing variety. A few areas for further research and potential future uses were then included. The presentation concludes with a re-statement of ESS importance, that FESS should be researched further, and a reminder that applications could influence our campus lives.


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Faculty Mentor

Paul V. Flores

Professor of Mathematics

East Campus

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