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Undergraduate Research Showcase

Undergraduate research is the exploration of a specific topic within a field by an undergraduate student that makes an original contribution to the discipline.

Academics & Mental Health: The Effects of COVID-19 on College Faculty Members


Shaelyn Taylor is currently a 2nd-year pre-medical student at Valencia College pursuing an A.A. in General Studies. In Fall 2022, she plans to transition into the Honors Program at the University of Central Florida to pursue a B.S. in Psychology under the Clinical Psychology Track with a Minor in Chemistry. After completing her undergraduate years, she intends to take the MCAT and apply to Medical School with the end goal of becoming a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist. Now you may be wondering how she got involved with psychology in the first place. During her childhood and up until her teenage years, she witnessed a family member struggle with multiple mental illnesses and always felt helpless. The sense of helplessness gave her all the motivation to fight the obstacles that come her way so that she can one day have the opportunity to help someone else like her family member and give them the tools to succeed in their life and live a happy one as well.


ABSTRACT:  The purpose of this study is to discuss the effects of the pandemic on college faculty members and a closer look into what institutions are doing to assist their employees. Few current research papers delve deeper into how faculty members in higher education are moving through the motions of the pandemic. This study will be one of the first that looks at how faculty members are not only handling the pandemic but being supported by Valencia College. As we conduct this research study, one question we seek to answer is how are the faculty members adjusting to working from home and, what are institutions doing to make sure their employees are receiving enough support? One of the research methods that will be used is an online anonymous survey sent to Valencia faculty members. Within this research project, there will be evidence of the survey results that were obtained to gain insight on what is occurring with faculty members as they navigate the pressures of adjusting to working from home, dealing with administrative work, keeping up with grading, checking in with students, and so much more. 


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Faculty Mentor


Dr. Diane Thompson

Professor f Psychological Sciences

West Campus

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