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Undergraduate Research Showcase

Undergraduate research is the exploration of a specific topic within a field by an undergraduate student that makes an original contribution to the discipline.

Canada & Singapore: A Comparative Analysis of Economic Systems


Caelyn DevriesHello, my name is Caelyn Devries. I would like to work in the entertainment film industry. I am striving for director, but I am also good with cameras, I could get some good shots for films. I have ideas for where I'm headed, and I'm gonna work hard to be in this industry.

Tiffany GillespieHello, my name is Tiffany Gillespie. My career path right now is to finish my AA in general studies in the fall and transfer to UF into the Animal Science program. When I am done completing that I plan to then transfer to DVM School over at UF that way when I am done with that I will be able to enter into my planned workforce (which is veterinarian medicine for exotic animals).

Adrianna Gomez Hello, my name is Adrianna Gomez. My future career is a NICU Nurse for babies just born or infants who are born premature and sickly. I want to be able to help the babies who deserve a chance at life, a chance to laugh, a chance to learn. I feel like this career is for me because I love helping others before I can help myself and it makes me feel delighted knowing I helped someone in need yet alone a newborn child.

Jonathan WeaverHi, my name is Jonathan Weaver. In the near future I plan to get my A.A from Valencia and attend UCF to major in integrated business from there I plan to be entrepreneur and venture into different aspects of business such as real estate, stock market option trading and cryptocurrency transaction.


ABSTRACT:  This research will analyze macroeconomics variables such as: economic systems, GDP, Unemployment rates, Inflation rates and the monetary systems to determine the growth and health of Canada and Singapore's economy. Primary and secondary sources were used to evaluate the effectiveness of each countries' economic systems. By doing so the research will show the state in which both of these economies are in, and also how they compare and contrast to one another. In addition, the research will look at the major economic problems and how to resolve the problems when they arise. Overall, this comparison will critically assess Canada's and Singapore's economies and a well-studied forecast will be articulated.


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Faculty Mentor

Tarteashia Harris

Professor of Economics

West Campus

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