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Undergraduate Research Showcase

Undergraduate research is the exploration of a specific topic within a field by an undergraduate student that makes an original contribution to the discipline.

Schools of Thought: An Overview and their Views


Luis GarciaMy name is Luis Garcia, and I am from Orlando Florida. I am a Valencia college student currently pursuing an Associate in Arts Degree. This research is highly interesting to me since it deals with current issues that we are dealing with, such as the pandemic. This research is also very important since not only does it teach important economic values, but it also furthers my knowledge that will benefit me in the future where I am involved in the economic field. 

Ryan HouckMy name is Ryan Houck. I am currently a sophomore at Valencia College. I am pursuing an Associate in Arts Degree with a Pre-Major in Engineering. After acquiring it, I intend to transfer to UCF where I will major in a narrower engineering field. My top picks at the moment are Electrical, Mechanical, and Photonics. I find enjoyment in designing and creating various things, which is how I knew I wanted to become an Engineer. In forming groups like these, I have never shied away taking on a leader role. Even in instances where that role fell onto someone else, I take the initiative in making sure that not only I but everyone else in group has an understanding of what they need to do and how to do it.

Capresha MorrisMy name is Capresha Morris. I am a business major at Valencia College. I decided to major in business, since I want to someday own my own business. I became most interested in economics, once I realized how important it is to see the world through an economist viewpoint, even as a businessperson.

Hector PenaI am the oldest of three siblings, but the first in my family to make it this far into college, meaning that this is a milestone to be here and present this project. I am pursuing a bachelor’s in financial accounting, and I enjoy doing this type of research because it teaches me how different economical ideas trade around the world and how they may either uplift-or suppress-an economy.

Emmanuel Jean LouisHello! My name is Emmanuel Jean Louis, a freshman and business administration major at Valencia East College. I plan to get my A.A. from Valencia then transfer to UCF for my marketing degree. MY career goal is to be a digital marketing director. I wanted to get into marketing because it helps consumers find fantastic products that they did not realize would make their life better. And I wanted to research more about my topic because I find it fascinating how, different ecological ideals can affect the economy in various ways.


ABSTRACT:  Our analysis evaluates four economic schools of thought: Classical, Keynesian, Monetarist, and the Supply side. The Classical school ideology helped countries to move from monarchic rule to capitalistic economies with self-regulation. The Keynesian school of thought focuses on increasing total spending and government involvement within the economy. The Supply-Side school believes the best way to achieve growth is for the businesses to supply more goods and services. Lastly, the Monetarist school relies on money supply as being the most important determinant. Primary and secondary sources were used to evaluate the efficacy of each school. The research will show the similarities and differences between the four schools of thoughts and how it has influenced economic policies of the United States Government. 


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Faculty Mentor

Tarteashia Harris

Professor of Economics

West Campus

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