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SPC 1608 (Dr. Pierre): Informative Speeches: Web Resources for Travel

Where Do I Start on the Web?

Database are always a good place to start, but when gathering information for personal reasons such as travel or vacationing, sometimes it's acceptable to start with the web, especially if you do not need scholarly/academic information.  Below are some resources that have been identified that will help gather the information needed for personal/general puproses.

Web Resources

Travel Booking on the Web

When in doubt, go directly to your favorite airline to book your flight.  In the meantime, use one of the many travel website to assist in planning your trip.

Travel Agencies

A travel agency makes the necessary arrangements for travelers, especially the booking of airline tickets and hotel rooms, for a fee.  While AAA is a national travel agency, don't overlook local travel agencies and touring companies to help you plan your vacation.