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Peace and Justice Institute - The Children's Hour: Peace - Patience as We Grow

Teach the principles of Valencia College's Peace and Justice Institute with this resource guide. Storytimes, activities, and tools for families.

Patience as We Grow

Patience as We Grow


Using Patience to Stay Present: Growing up can require a lot of patience. Whether it's waiting on grownups during a boring trip to the store or waiting for a tooth to fall out, it's important to practice patience. Mindfulness is the practice of being present and staying within the moment. Let's explore some ways to make waiting a little more fun. 

Time Lapse Video

Watch seeds grow in just 2.5 minutes. 

  • Are you surprised that this took 123 days to film?
  • Growing plants takes lots of patience. Have you helped something grow in your house?

Drawing Music

Here is the music used during the drawing component of today's lesson.

What is patience?

Let Elmo teach you the meaning of patience.