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ENC 1101 (Carruth) - Spiritual Traditions: The Role of Joy in Making Peace


In this project you will build on the skills you used in the Spiritual Traditions project:

-- finding articles using Academic Search Complete

--evaluating sources to make sure that you have

  • actual research on your topic (at least 1 or 2 sources)
  • additional expert sources

Find Articles

Evaluate Articles

Scholarly Sources

A scholarly source will be an expert's original research.  Limit your search to Scholarly Journals (check the box in Academic Search Complete)

Look for:

  • the word "study" in the abstract
  • author's affiliation, usually a university or research institution
  • a section in the article labelled Methods or Materials and Methods -- this tells you who participated in the study and how the study was done
  • results (what data was collected)
  • discussion of the results (what do the researchers think the data means)
  • list of references or works cited (the sources the researcher used)

All of these are present in the sample article below.

Expert Sources

An expert source does not have to be original research, but the author should be an expert. We discussed this with spiritual traditions. Think about who would be an expert on your topic for this project.

For example if your topic was calm, some people who might be considered experts are:

  • a scientist who studies the brain
  • a psychologist
  • a science journalist
  • a Buddhist monk who has practiced calm for many years

Sample article:


The author of the sample article is Helen Thomson. To find out more about her, I can click on her name in the sample article. This will pull up other articles that she has written. I can see that she has written a number of other science-related articles that appear in the database.

I can also Google her and find listings of other articles she has written. I will also find her personal web site and discover that she is indeed a science journalist who has written a book as well as publishing articles and has degrees in Neuroscience and Science Communication.


For help with finding and evaluating articles you have two options:

West Campus Librarian

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Beth King
West Campus 6-326J