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Law@Work: Constitutional Law


Constitutional Law

United Stated Constitution Image


The drafters of the United States Constitution created a number of provisions directly applicable to business and employee rights. While the text of the Constitution does not change without an amendment, the way courts interpret that text does change. This module explores Constitutional Law principles and court decisions that apply to contracts, employment, civil rights, corporations and property rights. 

Takings Clause

Personal Jurisdiction

Contracts Clause

Constitutionality of Mask Mandates

Religious Expression in Business

Market Participant Exception

State Constitutions

Commerce Clause

Dormant Commerce Clause

Commercial Free Speech

Stare Decisis (Precedent)


Executive Orders

Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) - Supremacy Clause

Constitutional Rights of Corporations

Free Speech Rights of Employees

Chevron Deference

Rational Basis Review

Ultra Vires

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