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Law@Work: Contract Law


Contract Law

Image of Contract

Contracts touch many aspects of personal and professional lives. This module delves deeply into contract issues, from basic formation to advanced concepts governed by the Uniform Commercial Code. The contents of this module have significant practical value. Listeners will learn how risks to businesses and careers can be reduced through contracts. 

Contract Modification

Contract Formation: Acceptance

Contract Formation: Mutual Assent

Unclean Hands Doctrine

Expectancy Damages

Consequential Damages (Lost Profits)

Offers in Advertising


Illusory Contract

Assumption of Risk


Contract Interpretation: Four Corners Rule

Contract Formation: Consideration

Mailbox Rule

Right to Recission

Non-Compete Agreements

Adhesion Contract

Compensatory Damages

Liquidated Damages

Unilateral Contract


Statute of Frauds

Contract Formation: Essential Terms


Contract Drafting: Oxford Commas

Duty to Read a Contract

Contract Formation: Offer

Quantum Meruit


Vacation Travel Refunds


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