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Law@Work: Business Law


Business Law

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Business Law (also known as Transactional Law) emphasizes the integration of legal concepts and business practices. Business Law often involves issues related to compliance and administrative law. Knowledge of business law is essential, regardless of one's industry, because application of business law principles may prevent companies and individuals from being sued.

Tax-Exempt Status

Respondeat Superior

Animal Law

Equitable Damages

Piercing the Corporate Shield

Workers Compensation Law

Last Will and Testament

Food Truck Law

Franchise Law

Racial Discrimination in Advertising

Predictive Coding

Unlicensed Practice of Law

Uniform Commercial Code

Attorney's Fees

Service Animal Law

Negligent Business Administration


Non-Delegable Duty

Diplomatic Immunity

Business Judgment Rule

Privacy Law (Recording Others)

Unlicensed Practice of Trades

Operating Agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Self-Defense in Workplace Violence

Pets in the Workplace

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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