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Federated Freedom Struggles: Student Created Timeline

Honors Modern Western Civilizations Spring 2021


1565 - The first encounter between European Christians ended in the Spanish wiping out the French Fort Caroline colony.

1659 - Puritans ban Christmas in attempts to purify away any Catholicism.

1777 - New York constitution banned Catholics from public office.

1786 - The Virginia Act for Establishing Religious freedom modifies Thomas Jefferson's draft on religious equality and becomes the law.

1834 - anti-Catholic mob burns a convent in Massachusetts.

1844 - Bible riots began and led to burned houses, destruction of two Catholic churches, and twenty people killed.

1846 - Protestant officers drove hundreds of Irish soldiers to defect from the U.S army to the Mexican side. 

1850 - Catholics become the country's largest single religious denomination. 

1854 - anti-immigrant Know Nothing party controlled congressional seats alongside a lot of influence. 

1887 - The American Protective Association was formed in Iowa which aided ex-priests and escaped nuns that had gone through mistreatment and abuse.

1890 - Immigrant Catholics face hardships such as "No Irish Need Apply" signs.

Early 20th Century - The resurfacing of the Ku Klux Klan comes with many groups being targeted including Catholics.

1924 - The restrictions posed on mass immigration led to calming of anti-Catholicism.

1928 - The presidential candidacy of Al Smith was unsuccessful with a big factor being anti-Catholic sentiments.

1961- John F. Kennedy is elected as the first Catholic president. 

1961- Kennedy addressed a speech to declare his loyalties lied with America and not the pope.




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