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Federated Freedom Struggles: Student Created Timeline

Honors Modern Western Civilizations Spring 2021


1840: Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott are barred from attending the World Anti-Slavery Convention held in London. This encourages them to to hold a Women's Rights Convention in the United States. 

1848: Seneca Falls, New York is the location of the first women's Rights  convention in the US Cady Stanton writes "The Declaration of Sentiments" creating the agenda of the women's activism for decades to come. 

1849: The first state constitution in California extends property rights to women. 

1850: Massachusetts is the site of the first National Women's Rights Convention. 

1851: The second National Women's Rights Convention. The participants included Horace Mann and Elizabeth Smith. 

1852: The issue of women's property is presented to Vermont Senate by Clara Howard. 

1853: Women delegates, who are Antoinette Brown and Susan Anthony are not allowed to speak at The World's Temperance Convention that was held in New York.

1866: Susan Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton form the American Equal Rights Association, which is an organization dedicated to the goal of suffrage.

1868: Susan Anthony, Elizabeth Stanton, and Parker Pillsburg publish the first edition of The Revolution. 

1869: The American Equal Rights Association is wrecked by disagreements over the Fourteenth Amendment and the question of whether to support the proposed Fifteenth Amendment, which would enfranchise black American males while avoiding the question of women suffrage. 

1869: Elizabeth Stanton and Susan Anthony found the National Women Suffrage Association (NWSA). 

1871: Victoria Woodhull addresses the House Judiciary Committee, arguing about Women's rights to vote. 

1872: Susan Anthony and other women are arrested for illegally voting in the presidential election. 

1888: The National Council of Women in the US is established to promote the advancement of women in the society. 

1890: Women from all classes and backgrounds enter public life. Women's roles expand and result in an increasing politicization of women. The issue of woman suffrage becomes part of mainstream politics.

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