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Eating Healthy on a Budget Guide

This libguide provides information and resources regarding eating healthy on a budget.

Affordable/Low Maintenance Home Garden

Home Garden
  • Home gardening, Urban gardening, Urban agriculture, or Container gardening are all ways to enhance food security in food deserts.

  • You can search for items related to any of these terms in the library’s catalog


How to Start Your Upcycled Garden while Staying at Home

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy from the Central European University provides tips on planting while in quarantine: how to start your upcycled garden while staying at home.

A) Upcycling: being resourceful with your garden

  • Know your space:

  • Choose your plant varieties:

  • Believe in yourself and in your garden!

B) How to create your upcycled containers:

  • Sowing in Upcycled containers

  • Preparation

  • Sowing

  • Maintenance

C) Finding seeds and starting your garden:

  • Growing from seeds

  • Growing from cuttings

Upcycling Garden Containers

TreeHugger provides common household items to start seeding indoors:

  • Newspaper Pots

  • Egg Cartons

  • Egg Shells

  • Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Tubes

  • Yogurt Cups

  • Paper Coffee Cups

  • To-Go Containers

  • Seed pot Trays