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Eating Healthy on a Budget Guide

This libguide provides information and resources regarding eating healthy on a budget.

How to Meal Plan, Shop, and Budget

Meal Planning

Meal planning allows you to set:

  • Your budget

  • Incorporate healthier food options

  • Saves time in the store

  • Ensures you buy what’s needed

  • Helps you avoid impulse buying or unplanned items

  • Reduces food waste

  • Helps you to better control your expenses

USDA-Ed Connection

The USDA SNAP-Ed Connection providers a curated list of resources for meal planning, shopping, and budgeting. 

USDA SNAP-Ed Connection List

Planning meals is one of the best ways to save money and eat healthy meals. SNAP-Ed programs developed these materials to teach meal planning skills.

Shopping is an important skill taught in SNAP-Ed programs. These SNAP-Ed developed materials teach shopping skills.

Budgeting skills are at the core of SNAP-Ed education. SNAP-Ed programs developed great materials like these to give people the tools they want to use.