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Eating Healthy on a Budget Guide

This libguide provides information and resources regarding eating healthy on a budget.

Brand vs Generic

By the Numbers
  • Consumer Reports found that shoppers could save up to 25% more on store or generic brands

  • According to a 2014 study by Bronnenberg et al., chef were 12% more likely to purchase store brands compared to non-chef and were 77% more likely to buy generic staple items such as (salt, sugar, and baking soda)

Price Comparison: Store Brands vs. Name Brands

Store Brands vs. Name Brands

When it comes to price comparison, especially between store brands vs. name brands, buying store brand items can be a great way to save extra money! When looking to see examine if purchasing store brand is more affordable, keep your eye on the following items:

  • Price Tag

  • Unit Price

  • Nutrition Facts