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BSC 1010C (Rodriguez, A.): Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?

Some academic journal articles found in the library databases are peer-reviewed, or refereed. These scholarly articles are written by experts and reviewed by other experts to ensure quality and accuracy. After a successful peer review, the article is then published for the public to access.

How Can I tell if an article is Peer-Reviewed?

  • Some databases, like Academic Search Complete or PsycArticles, allow you to limit your search results to "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Articles"
  • Consider visual cues. Is the article split into headings like Method, Results, Conclusion? Does the article look professional with little to no advertising? These are good signs it could be scholarly.
  • Visit the journal's web site to see if it mentions being peer-reviewed or refereed. If you click the journal title within some databases, it will give you a link to the journal publisher's web site.
  • Can't find any information on the journal web site? Look for links referring to submission criteria, or information for referees. 

‚ÄčNot all content from a peer-reviewed journal is reviewed. Articles like editorials, book reviews, and letters to the editor are not considered peer-reviewed articles.

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