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HUM 1020 (Montione): Modern Era Presentation: 2. Understanding the Issues


Start by making sure that you understand your social issue.

Do this by reading overview articles. Overview articles are generally found in encyclopedias.

Encyclopedias can be general such as Wikipedia or Encyclopedia Britannica or specialized on topics such as gender, African American history, or the environment.

This is the preliminary research stage of your project. The sources you consult typically will not be used for the final project.

Issues -- Sources


1. Environmentalism  

2. Racism 

3. Anti-fascism

4. Pro-fascism

5.  Anti-religion

6. Pro-religion

7. Anti-consumerism

8. Poverty 

9. Nationalism

10. Gender equality 

11. Traditional gender roles

12. LGBTQ rights 

13. Family values 

14. Animal Rights

15. Mass incarceration 

16. Legalizing drugs 

17. Communism

18. Capitalism

19. Democracy 

20. Indigenous Peoples Rights

21. Youth issues

22. Senior Issues

23. Sexual Revolution

24. Sexual Diseases

25. Pandemics

26. Fake News

27. Media Bias

28. Journalist Rights

29. Privacy 

30. Censorship

31. White Supremacy

32. Fighting White Supremacy

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