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HUM 1020/2310 (Osborn): MLA Citation

General Guidelines

In a presentation, place your works cited list on your final slide.

Within the body of the presentation, use in-text citations when you take information from a source.

Remember that images and videos also require citation.


Images in a PowerPoint presentation are cited in the same way they would be in a paper:

Insert image.

Underneath the image, give it a figure number, using the abbreviation fig.: Fig. 1.

Type the creator's name, first name first with a period: Steven Zucker.

Type Photograph of followed by the name of the image followed by a period: Photograph of Coatlicue, c. 1500, Mexica (Aztec). (If no name is given, write a brief description instead.)

Include the name of the website in italics followed by a comma: Flickr,

Include the date of the image followed by a comma: 20. Jan 2015,

Include the URL, removing the https:


Coatlicue, an Aztec goddess


Fig. 1. Steven Zucker. Photograph of Coatlicue, c. 1500, Mexica (Aztec). Flickr, 20 Jan. 2015,

The following line is included because this image is being published on a publicly available web page.

Used under a (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) license


The image does not need an entry on the Works Cited page because the relevant information has been included in the body of the paper.

(Note: this process is different if you are using the image as a source, e.g. if you were giving a presentation on an art work, e.g. Michelangelo's David and were going to analyze the art work.)

Full Citations for Your Works Cited Slide

The sample PPT slide below shows what a Works Cited slide would like for some of the sources included on this guide. 

For additional examples, see the library's MLA examples.

In Text Citations

Whenever you quote, paraphrase, or summarize from a source, use an in-text citation in parentheses.

The in-text citation usually consists of the author's last name and page number, e.g. (Leeming 42).

When using an electronic source that does not have page numbers, use the author's last name alone, e.g. (Gabaldon)

If there is no author, use the title (shorten long titles), e.g. (The Aztecs).



When embedding a video on a slide, insert a line underneath the video and give it a figure number, e.g. Fig. 2.

Then give a brief caption including the name of the video and the date.

E.g. Fig. 2. The Aztecs, 1996.

Then include the complete citation information on the Works Cited page.

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