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Valencia College Library Collection Development Procedure


The purpose of deselecting materials is to regularly remove unneeded items from the physical and digital collections and the library catalog. Unneeded materials include, but are not limited to: 

  • multiple copies 

  • damaged items 

  • dated, unused and obsolete materials  

  • materials for discontinued programs 

The responsibility for material deselection rests with the librarians. The decision to deselect an item from the collection (and subsequently the catalog) is based on one or more of the following criteria:  

  • Circulation records 

  • Completeness of holdings 

  • Faculty input 

  • Availability of replacement or new edition 

  • Importance of the item to the collection 

  • Date of publication 

  • Physical condition of the item 

* Deselection should not bias the collection in favor of one viewpoint or negatively affect the completeness of coverage in a subject area. 

Disposition of materials deselected from the library catalog follows the Valencia College Property Control Policy 6Hx28: 5-11

The Valencia College libraries do not welcome solicitation of resources to be added to our LibGuides. This includes but is not limited to vendors, search engine optimizers, placement of ads, products, or any other requests. Our LibGuides are carefully curated resources developed in partnership with faculty, staff, and students to support specific assignments, courses, events, and other related purposes at Valencia College. The Valencia libraries reserve the right to ignore LibGuide resource solicitations, and/or block persistent requests from groups or individuals to add or promote links in our LibGuides.