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International Games Month (November 2022): In-Person Games

Enjoy fun and games with the library! Valencia College Libraries is joining libraries all around the world for International Games Month in November. Games are a terrific source of enjoyment, learning, and community building.

Decorative logo for Valencia Library's International Games Month in November 2022

International Games Month

Ready for the games to begin? Visit your campus library to join in on the fun. We will offer weekly games, events, and prizes. Check out the events calendar for full details. 



Battle Robot Challenge - Osceola Campus (Oct. 25)

This event will feature special games presented by the Orange County Library Technology Team.



Spine Poetry Week (Oct. 31 - 5) 

Visit participating campus libraries to “write” Spine Poetry by arranging a stack of book spines with the titles arranged to create a poem for a chance to win a prize.


Guess How Many Words (All November!)

Exclusively for students visiting the library as part of a class. The librarian will give you a book title and you will have to guess how many words are in the book. 



Lunch & Games - East Campus (Nov. 1) 

Join the Book Nerds as we celebrate International Games Month with lunch and fun games. This event will feature special games presented by the Orange County Library Technology Team.



Guess the Google Week (Nov. 7 - 12)

Visit participating campus libraries to review a collage of pictures generated from one search term on Google. Guess the key word that produced the results for a chance to win a prize.



Book Bingo Week (Nov. 14 - 19)

Visit participating campus libraries to play Book Bingo. Each sheet will have categories such as “book with a green cover” or “book with dragon in the title.” Write the call number for the corresponding book on each Bingo space for a chance to win a prize.



Interactive Game Day - West Campus (Nov. 15) 

Join us as we partner with the Orange County Public Libraries to celebrate International Games Month. There will be several game that you can interact with such as Robot Battles, Bowl with Sphero Robots, and Mini Golf. 



Book Tweet Week (Nov. 28 - Dec. 3) 

Read a tweet that describes the plot or character from a popular novel. Guess the title for the chance to win a prize. Visit your campus library for more information.




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